What has improved for the Syrian people after 2015?


Nothing. And yet establishing a constitutional process is a suitable way to build a new and just state.

In four short episodes key aspects of the issue are explored.

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A constitution is not a utopian dream, rather is THE answer for a new beginning together.

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Syria has lived a revolution that was brutally put down. The UN peace process shall end this war and its endless grievance. Thus far, an interim government should have been set up, a new constitution should have been agreed on and fair elections should have been hold.

But what has really been achieved? Only the constitutional process has been started – but can we still believe in the importance of a constitution?

The Syrian opposition, the Syrian regime and civil society are represented in the Constitutional Committee.

However, the negotiations are not going as they should, the differences seem to be insurmountable. Who is really deciding in the Constitutional Committee? What is necessary for a succesful constitutional process?

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A common constitution is a step towards a peaceful future for Syria.

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But after all that has happened, after war and torture, revenge and fear, it seems impossible to come together. What does it mean at all to be Syrian? Where is our common ground?

Is there anything like a typical Syrian?
Aren’t we all different?

Yes, we are – and we should be proud of our diversity. We should give it a common basis, based on power-sharing, human rights and mutual respect. Only this way, a peacefull future for our children may come true.

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